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How do I search for course reserves in the library's online catalog?

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Course reserves are high-demand books and textbooks that are generally assigned for a specific DC course. Reserve book use is limited to three hours within the library. If no other student is waiting for the item(s), checkout is allowed for another three hours. Before purchasing a costly textbook, consider searching the online catalog to see if a book available.

Searching for reserves is simple.  From the library homepage hover over “Find” and select “Textbooks & Reserves."



Now search within the online catalog “Reserve Desk”.  You can look material one of three ways.  Search by an instructor’s last name, the course code or by the course name.  Type in the appropriate information and click the corresponding black button to search.


Next you will see a listing of books linked to your instructor or course!

Additionally, you can search for a reserve book by title or author directly on the online catalog.  If your search yields no results, we may not have that book.  You can always contact to suggest that we purchase a copy.

Contact the library if you need assistance in searching the online catalog at 845-848-7505 or email us at